Selamat Datang Di Toko Mesin Astro Surabaya

PT Astro Makmur Sejahtera adalah distributor & penyedia aneka mesin dan peralatan hotel, restaurant, cafe, bakery (Mesin HORECA) berkualitas dengan jaringan after sales tersebar, pilihan produk terlengkap dengan harga termurah. Kami melayani penjualan untuk seluruh wilayah Indonesia pada umumnya & Wilayah Surabaya, Jawa Timur pada khususnya.

Toko Mesin Astro Surabaya berkomitmen menjadi penyedia peralatan HORECA yang menjual deretan mesin makanan, mesin pengolah minuman, mesin pengolah daging, mesin pembuat es, mesin pengolah buah dan sayur, peralatan catering dan aneka mesin dan peralatan lainnya dengan harga bersaing & terjangkau, garansi mesin 2 tahun & pengiriman gratis untuk wilayah Surabaya Raya (Kota Surabaya, Gresik, Sidoarjo & Mojokerto).

Kategori Mesin Toko Mesin Astro Surabaya

ASTRO Is the best choice to meet all of your professional and food service supply needs.

Mesin Bakery Toko Mesin

Mesin Pembuat Roti

These mixers, ovens and equipment make it easier to mix batter and dough. We have units suitable baking for breads, pastries, cookies, and more.

Harga Mixer Roti Kapasitas 1 Kg & 5 Kg | Mixer Kue & Mixer Donat

Planetary Mixer

Oven Gas Pizza GETRA RFL-24PSS Surabaya

Gas Deck Oven

Mesin Bread Slicer Pemotong Roti Tawar ASTRO Surabaya

Bread Slicer

Mesin Pengembang Roti | Harga Proofer Roti | Lemari Pengembang Adonan Roti

Bread Proofer

Mesin Packaging Toko Mesin

Mesin Pengemas Makanan

These food packaging appliances make it possible to properly store and preserve your foods. Our selection includes sealers and vacuum machines.

Mesin Vacuum Packaging GETRA DZ-400:2SA Surabaya

Vacuum Sealer

Mesin Cup Sealer Otomatis GETRA ET-A9 Surabaya

Cup Sealer

Mesin Continuous Sealer Vertical Horizontal GETRA FR-900V Surabaya

Band Sealer

Mesin Hand Sealer Plastik GETRA HIS-400MH Surabaya

Hand Sealer

Meat Processing Equipment

Mesin Pengolah Daging

We have all the meat and seafood preparation tools you need. Our selection includes meat slicers, commercial meat grinder, and bone saw.

Mesin Gilingan Daging | Alat Giling Daging | Harga Gilingan Bakso

Meat Grinder

Mesin Meat Slicer Iris Daging ASTRO 12 Inch Surabaya

Meat Slicer

Mesin Bone Saw Pemotong Tulang ASTRO Surabaya

Bone Saw

Mesin Cetak Bakso Pentol FOMAC MBM-R250 Murah

Mesin Bakso

Fruit Vegetable Equipment

Mesin Pengolah Buah & Sayur

If your business offers fresh produce, our fruit, vegetable, and salad preparation tools can help you cut down on prep time.

Mesin Fruit Vegetable Equipment Cutter Pemotong Sayur ASTRO Surabaya

Vegetable Cutter

Mesin Potato Peeler Pengupas Kentang ASTRO Surabaya

Potato Peeler

Mesin Food Processor Cutter FOMAC FCT-QS5A Murah

Food Processor

Mesin Penepung Herbal Food Grinder FOMAC Tipe FGD Murah

Food Grinder

Cooking Equipment

Mesin & Peralatan Masak

Our selection of commercial cooking & kitchen equipment is supplied by some of the most trusted vendors in the foodservice industry.

Mesin Panggangan Sosis Griller GETRA BS214 Surabaya

Roaster & Griller

Gas Open Burner WIth Stand GETRA RBD-4 Surabaya

Open Burner

Burner Kebab | Harga Alat Pemanggang Kebab | Peralatan Kebab

Kebab Grill

Mesin Deep Fryer Penggorengan Gas ASTRO 25 Liter Surabaya

Deep Fryer

Bar Kiosk Hotel Equipment

Mesin & Peralatan Bar, Kiosk & Hotel

Whether you’re looking to outfit your upscale bar, corner, kiosk, hotel & cafe we’re sure to have the commercial equipment and appliances you need. 

Mesin Kopi Espresso GETRA IBERITAL IB7-2G

Coffee Machine

Mesin Commercial Blender GETRA KS-1050 Surabaya


Mesin Gulali Gula Kapas Listrik FOMAC CCD-EMJ500 Murah

Mesin Gulali

Mesin Popcorn Berondong Jagung FOMAC POC-POP6BR Murah

Mesin Popcorn

Catering Equipment

Peralatan Catering & Prasmanan

Perfect for your banquet hall, buffet, or catered event, our chafing dishes and catering equipment are available in many styles.

Harga Chafing Dish | Pemanas Makanan Prasmanan | Peralatan Catering

Chafing Dish

Mesin Cuci Piring Otomatis | Harga Dishwasher Terbaru | Astro Surabaya


Carving Station Granite Base GETRA CS-901 Surabaya

Carving Station

Juice Dispenser Es Batu GETRA TMGD-01 Surabaya

Drink Dispenser

Kitchen Accessories

Peralatan Dapur Stainless & Smallware

Make Food Prep More Organized with Stainless Equipment. So your kitchen staff can have a designated area for prepping entrees, sides, and desserts.

Stainless Steel Working Table Drawers GETRA Tipe WKDW Surabaya

Working Table

Stainless Steel Sink Table GETRA DST-1855 Surabaya

Sink Table

Troli Stainless Steel Collect Trolley GETRA CT-023 Surabaya

Cart & Trolley

Stainless Steel Gastronom Bakery Trolley GETRA BPT-15 Surabaya

Bakery Rack

Freezer Cooler Refrigerator

Mesin & Peralatan Pembeku

Use these merchandising freezers to increase impulse sales of frozen foods at your grocery store, convenience store, restaurant, or deli.

Mesin Chest Freezer Box Peti Pembeku GEA AB-226-R Surabaya

Chest Freezer

Sliding Curve Glass Freezer GEA SD-260BY Surabaya

Slide Freezer

Island Freezer Automatic Defrost GEA TULIP-750R Surabaya

Island Freezer

Upright Freezer Automatic Defrost GEA EXPO-1000AL:CN Surabaya

Upright Freezer

Cooler Dispenser Equipment

Mesin & Peralatan Pendingin

Keep your food products chilled and displayed in a visually appealing way in merchandising refrigerators.

Harga Kulkas Showcase | Kulkas Minuman Chiller | Showcase Cooler

Display Cooler

Mesin Juice Dispenser Mesin Pendingin Minuman GEA LP-12X2 Surabaya

Juice Dispenser

Mesin Es Salju | Harga Jual Mesin Ice Slush & Mesin Snow Ice Surabaya

Slush Machine

Mesin Countertop Cake Showcase Pemajang Kue GEA A-540V Surabaya

Cake Showcase

Ice Cream Equipment

Mesin Pembuat Ice Cream

These commercial ice cream freezers are designed to store bulk quantities of frozen treats in either your back-of-house setting or service line.

Mesin Es Gelato Hard Ice Cream GEA ICE-1530 Surabaya

Mesin Es Gelato

Mesin Soft Ice Cream Cone FOMAC ICR-AC-25CTB Murah

Mesin Es Krim

Mesin Es Lolly GEA Surabaya

Mesin Es Lolly

Mesin Showcase Gelato Scooping Cabinet GEA Tipe SUNNY Surabaya

Gelato Showcase

Ice Maker Refrigerator

Mesin Pembuat Ice Komersial

Equip your bar, restaurant, or hotel with a commercial ice maker. Choose from air or water cooled units to find the perfect ice machine for your needs.

Mesin Es Batu | Harga Jual Mesin Es Kristal & Mesin Ice Cube | Surabaya

Ice Cube Maker

Tube Ice Machine Mesin Es Kristal GEA TV-20 Surabaya

Ice Tube Maker

Mesin Ice Ball Maker GEA PF-10

Ice Ball Maker

Mesin Es Serut Ice Crusher FOMAC ICH-SB114 Murah

Ice Crusher

Kitchen Refrigeration

Peralatan Pendingin Stainless Dapur Komersial

Choose the Best Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerator for Your Food Storage, Cooling, Freezing and PreparationYour Kitchen Needs.

Under Counter Chiller GEA M-RW6T2HH Surabaya

Under Counter

Upright Chiller GEA M-RW8U2HHHH Surabaya

Upright Counter

Mesin Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer GEA AK11-D Surabaya

Blast Chiller

Under Counter Chiller Salads & Pizza GEA SC-04-3D Surabaya

Salad Case

Cold Room Cold Storage

Cold Room & Sistem Pendingin Ruangan Komersial

For restaurants and commercial kitchens that need a lot of cold storage space, our commercial walk-in refrigerators and freezers are ideal.

Split Cold Room Cold Storage GEA Surabaya

Panel Cold Room

Modular Cold Room Refrigeration Unit GEA Surabaya

Modular Room

Pendingin Split Cold Room GEA Surabaya

Refrigeration Unit

Truck Box Pendingin Eutetic Box GEA Surabaya

Eutetic Box